Marketing for Musicians


Making money in music is possible!

Making money isn’t always easy in the music industry. To make money you need a following, not only online but you also need to be able to pack out venues to even get a decent gig.

As the creators of alternative music careers magazine ALT-MU, our freelance network is packed with musicians or music lovers who have found alternative ways to make money in music. We can offer you the support you need to get your musical ducks in a row, so they are bopping it out in rhythmic harmony and bringing in the dough.

Basic marketing training for musicians

Often musicians just need to learn some simple digital marketing tricks to increase their reach online and improve gig attendance. Just get in touch with what you are specifically after and we can setup online training session or better yet, hook you up with a freelancer in your area that can teach you some digital marketing basics one2one. Not got a pound to your name? Please do still give us a bell just in case we can come up with a contra deal alongside ALT-MU Magazine or offer you volunteer support.

Got the mulla for more?

The above basic training is a great option for any musicians strapped for cash. However, if budget is no object we can assemble a band of music marketers, designers or writers to whip your music marketing strategy into shape. Ultimately, collectively we are packing the skills to deliver a kick ass music marketing campaign that will make just the right amount of digital noise for a band or artist.

Are you a non-music brand looking for a musical digital campaign? Or a band looking for ways to make some extra dosh in music advertising? Please take a look at the digital music marketing services we offer or feel free to contact us with any questions.