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Let Creatives Breathe!

There were 866,000 creative people working in UK non-creative industries in 2012 according to the Department for Media, Culture, and Sport.  A number set to rise as more companies strive to conquer the increasing demand for high quality content over old-school linkbuilding techniques.

This probably means that there are thousands of creatives feeling suffocated and demotivated in their job at this very moment. Why? Because a traditional office environment and the average working culture is just not built for creatives. And it’s not just the corporate companies that are the culprits here, there are reams of ‘creative agencies’ that just throw a pool table in the mix and splash their walls with graffiti and expect that to be enough. Well… it isn’t.

How to write for your audience

First off – let’s stop calling them customers or consumers. We are talking about people here. Living breathing souls just like you or me. The key to writing for your audience in a way that really resonates with them is of course, to write from the heart. To write something inspiring and fresh. To talk to the reader, rather than dictate. That said, there is some intelligence you can apply to your research, that will help your content to be more successful.