About Us

music-marketing-agency-brighton-bannerCreative Alternative to a Digital Marketing Agency

A creative network and music digital marketing agency with a difference. ALT-MU Creative is a central hub for creative freelancers that provides a collective quote for digital marketing and music services.

Why is this a good thing?  Think about it…

A digital marketing agency can only go as far as their in-house team takes them. Our freelancers all enjoy creative freedom in their work without being bogged down by the daily grind of a full-time job. This means you will get more creative energy and a fresh perspective on your project – every time.  Better yet, there are no permanent salaries or office fees for us here at ALT-MU Creative, so the quote you get is simply for the time it takes to do the job.

A growing freelance community

Our freelance network reaches worldwide, which has grown since the launch of ALT-MU magazine in 2012. Our freelance community includes:

  • Music marketers
  • Magazine editors and copywriters
  • Graphic designers & Illustrators
  • Professional photographers
  • Website designers & Developers
  • Musicians and songwriters
  • Social media experts

Music Marketing & Promotion

Whether you are a musician looking for help to promote your music or corporate brand looking for a innovate music marketing campaign to engage with audiences in new ways – we will create an elite team of freelancers to deliver results, without the hefty agency price tag.

All you need to do is get in touch with your request and a guide budget, we will then source the freelancers for the job and provide one collective quote for the project within 30 days.

Want to get involved?

If you are a freelancer who would like to join our network, please get in touch with us and highlight your specialist skills with links to your portfolio and experience.